Day 3: Nic’norid

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  Nic’norid (nic-noh-RID) is a rather strange creature from a strange place.  His species doesn’t really have a name, though some are convinced that they are quite advanced compared to others.  Their mouths now only function to take in needed nutrients are often hidden since they are pretty unsightly.  Instead of physically speaking, they use a type of telepathy using the gems on their foreheads while the sort of “antennae” receive messages which is also useful in taking in information from other cultures so they can learn the language rather quickly.  However, Nic’norid is too young to speak to other creatures, he can only take the information so he can understand what’s going on, which makes communication difficult for him with other species.  He’s 127 (29 in human years), and most of his kind learn to “speak” with other species at age 250.

“Nic”, here, is actually rather high-ranking in his society.  He’s practically a noble (the darker clothing indicates high status, but actual royalty are born with black skin and white eyes in his culture).  He gets himself stuck with humans when a bandit finds him injured in the desert and takes him to some friends.  There, he starts learning about human culture and eventually befriends the bandit and her friends, in a way asking them to take over his mission of why he was in the desert in the first place.  And, because his people are native to more mountainous areas with lush forests, who better to take his place than someone more accustomed to the hot, dry desert?

Nic’norid is still a work in progress design-wise, but I like what’s here so far and now it just needs tweaking.


Because I’ve fallen…several days behind, expect more sketches and please excuse the messiness.  Playing catch-up is never easy!  I plan to get two more characters up today.

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