Day 6: Lighthouse

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Unfortunately I haven’t been able to draw lately.
(No big loss)

I’ll try and input a drawing here later.


Lighthouse is the superhero name of a young man in his late teens. His real name is Jeffrey Weber and he was born with his ability.
Jeffrey can shine two bright lights at will from his eyes.
With effort, he can focus the light into thin pinpoints or flood an area with light.

Because of his birth, he was chosen at a young age to be trained to join a superhero league.

Jeffrey hasn’t seen his parents but for a few hours over several years. He misses them or what little he remembers – neither have any abilities and because of this, Jeffrey’s father suspects his wife of an affair and over the years has grown to hate her because of it.

Jeffrey tries his best to uphold the laws and ideals of the league he’s a part of.

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