Day 7: The Queen

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Again, i will try to upload art at another time.

When she was crowned the Queen, she was young and lively. Though she married, she could not give birth. She was still upheld throughout the kingdom as the wonderful queen.
Her people loved her dearly.

Time passed and the King perished due to old age but the Queen continued to rule and her Kingdom remained happy.

Some whispered and wondered what would happen when the Queen perished.

The Queen grew old and still she reigned.
In time the Queen could no longer walk about her people as she once did.
The light grew dim in her eyes and her body withered.

Gradually the people saw less and less of their beloved Queen but still she reigned.
Orders came forth, words of wisdom and hope. Words of love for her subjects.

Decades later the people still live under their Queen who seems more legend now than reality. Still orders come forth. Words of wisdom and hope.

Words of love for her loyal and faithful subjects.

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