Death Winds Pilot

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A genocidal pilot with a jetpack who sprays towns.

Sprayer of soils and soiler of lungs.



When the public finally became aware of the NATO Program called “Hazed Earth,” the concentrations of barium and soil bleaches were increased nearly tenfold, transforming the hazy white seeding trails to a ruddy, blackened smear.  The consensus was reached by the global economic powers to begin spraying at the lower elevations, merely a few hundred feet above the fields and homes of the Western world.

A pioneer of the early demograph duster pilot program explained his motivation in this manner:  “You see, the developments in unmanned aerial vehicles were disregarded at the time because of the sheer costs involved in manufacturing so many machines.  It was easier just to build the tank and propulsion system for a single pilot, ironically in a reversal of the original purpose for going unmanned.  When we moved the forced labor system to being universal for all mankind, well, everybody could see the sense in volunteering to be taken care of and allowed to live through the purge in exchange for helping in the killing.”

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