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#8 Maisy

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Once upon a time, there was a bright and happy girl. She had been born with a caul, but her parents refused to lend that superstition any credence, so she led a normal life. On her Blessing Day she had been given the name Maisy. She never felt that the name suited her well and most people agreed with her. However, her name was her name and you don’t use milk names once a child has their proper name, so she answered to it anyway. She loved to dance and one day wanted to perform as a part of her town’s company. Her town was very well-known for creators and performers, and it was an aspiration for most young children, girls and boys alike, to be famous like them. She wished to dance because she loved it so much and wanted to share that joy with ours. There is nothing more splendid than to share your heart with others, is what adults always sighed.

Maisy did not just love to dance but was also very good at dancing as well. She practised every morning and every night, sometimes ’till her toes cracked and bled through her shoes. You would know how much she wanted a role if there was blood in the studio the next day, people said. It never mattered what sort of locks the dance studio was fitted with – her father was the town locksmith and she had learned at a very young age how to open any door. One time, the teacher punished her for this, for practising so much that she destroyed her body, by giving her a smaller role, but next time Maisy stained her shoes darker and left circlets of blood all over town.

Years went on, and she still practised as hard as ever. Her shoes hadn’t been blood red in years, but that was mostly because her skin had grown back, been broken anew, and came back thicker than ever. A few believed that she could dance on broken glass if she wanted to. She rarely did not get the role she wanted, and when she didn’t she understood that it was because she was better suited for another role.

However, not every girl understood this fact. One girl, whose Blessed Name was Tabitha, in particular did not understand this fact because she was as good as Maisy. Instead of understanding that she was better for the role she had been given, she seethed inside ever time Maisy had been given the role she wanted, and gloated when she received the one Maisy wanted. These are unhealthy feelings for anyone to have, much less a young girl still growing into herself, so as Maisy and Tabitha grew older Tabitha’s heart only grew more and more twisted like badly blown glass.

One day, the roles had been given out and Maisy had been given the leading role once again, but more importantly she had been given the role that she and Tabitha both wanted. Maisy’s smile lit up the whole room, blinding her to how blotchy and red Tabitha’s face had become. Tabitha’s heart filled with rage, as usual, and despair, which was not usual. This would not be the final performance of the year, but it was  the most important one, because the company would be in town to watch and judge their performance, and it was common knowledge that only the girls and boys who played the leads would be chosen. No wonder her heart broke, people whispered much later, in the darkest corner of pubs and alleys. Losing your chance at fulfilling your dream would be as devastating as losing a loved one.

It passed as Tabitha believed it would, and just days after Maisy performed in front of the company she had been asked to join them. Still wearing her dancing skirts, Maisy twirled and danced round the town as she had as a child, but instead of filling the streets with blood she filled it with joy instead. The only person who wasn’t smiling was Tabitha, who cried until her throat was dry and then cried more. She fell asleep weeping even though she had no more tears to shed.

When she woke much later, the rest of the town was asleep. Maisy danced well into the night and only stopped when she was too tired to stand. Tabitha climbed out of bed, feeling as empty as a husk, and left her house, running as if she was escaping fire. She stopped when she reached Maisy’s house, broke the front window with her bare hands, and climbed inside. Everyone had exhausted themselves with drink and food in celebration and hadn’t heard her at all.

Tabitha did not care that she trailed blood as she walked, nor did she care that her hands and arms were covered in scratches, deep and shallow. The pain barely registered and was certainly not enough to stop her. She climbed the stairs of Maisy’s house and on her first try, she found her room.

Fast asleep and wearing a white nightgown, Maisy did not hear Tabitha enter. She did not hear as she picked up Maisy’s scarf and candlestick, and she only woke when the scarf had been shoved into her mouth and tied round her head to keep her from screaming.

Maisy tried. She tried so hard to fight back, kicking and punching with unbelievable strength, but Tabitha was too strong, too angry, too pained already to feel any more.

CRACK!CRA!CKCRACK, went the candlestick against Maisy’s knees and elbows and ribs and face. CRACKCRAC!KCRACK.

Tabitha and Maisy were found like that the next morning, both bleeding and broken and dead in so many ways. Tabitha was taken away more quietly than anyone believed she would have, and Maisy was taken away more quietly than anyone should ever be. The undertaker did his best to clean her up, but there had been too much damage. They couldn’t find her teeth, some of which had still been milk teeth, so they had to bury her with silver ones.

Tabitha never danced again, nor did much of anything. She barely ate or slept, and people wondered if she would die before she would be hanged. But her hanging day grew nearer and nearer until it was only one more night away.

The next morning, however, she had been found dead in her cell, her cheeks still wet with tears and her mouth ripped of its teeth. The same undertaker who had taken care of Maisy took care of her and noticed that the teeth she had lost had been the same one’s as Maisy’s missing milk teeth.

Word got out fast, and soon parents advised children to get rid of milk teeth as soon as they were loose enough and set them out so that the girl (because they couldn’t call her Maisy now) could find them. They didn’t need to, but she appreciated the gesture all the same, so each night the girl who was once Maisy would come into everyone’s home (because locks were such simple things to her) and look for teeth. If the child was still sleeping, she would turn the teeth to silver coins. However, if the child managed to stay awake to see her, the girl who could have walked on broken glass would dance for them, dressed in the same gown she had died in.

#8 Smokin’ Joe

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A tribute to the late, great Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Ranked one of the ten greatest heavyweight champs of all time. He was one of only 5 guys that beat “the greatest” – Ali.

#8 Hatman

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A superhero isn’t defined by your cape, your mask, or your big letter on your chest. Hatman is solid proof of that. Hatman is a superhero with no powers, and with a plethora of actual superheroes in the world, Hatman is going to have a hard time making himself stand out.

#8 – Fernanda

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I don’t really have anything to say for this day!

She’s a punk rocker with the ability to travel space and time. (She has a kool guitar with kool magical powers and junk)

#7 – Stymph

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Got a mite behind…

Inspired by a certain mythological creature with a longer name.

A demon bird that creates knives from its feathers and lets them drop, hoping to wound potential prey/enemies.

Day 8: Alba Saltatio

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A woman in a long shirt and flapper-esque skirt. She is wearing a 1920's era hat, and holding a compact mirror.

I’m making an adaptation of The 12 Dancing Princesses that takes place in 1927, where the daughters sneak off every night to a speakeasy.

Alba is the second eldest. She is more vain than Irene, and loves to look at herself in her compact mirror.

Day 8: Harold the Hamster

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Harold is a pet hamster who decided to embark on a journey to find his wild side. He escaped one night and found his way outside where he crafted a leaf boat and hopped in to start his journey to the other side of   a pond.



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The Undead Soldier

(2011 Dan Nokes)  The year is 2115…It has been a decade since a nuclear holocaust wiped out over 99% of the world’s population.  What is left has mutated into canibalistic sub-human creatures, or banded into small pockets of scavengers, looking for a fabled land that had been untouched by the THE GREAT LAST DEATH, as the survivors had called it.  One such pocket was heading north on one such rumor, when they were attacked by a mutant gang.  They were about to be overwhelmed, when a stranger in soldier’s garb saved the band.  When the tribe went to thank him they found that the soldier had been hideously scared to the point where he resembled a walking corpse…The tribe elder identified him from another legend of the wasteland known as THE UNDEAD SOLDIER: A former military man, whose origin’s are shrouded in mystery.  But is said to help out person’s who cross his path.  None are sure why?  Some say because of some lost sense of duty.  Other’s say it is to feel some semblence of a long lost humanity.   In any case the Undead soldier follows the band and protects them from the numerous beasts, dangers, and terrors, that lurk in the unknown as they make their way to what they hope is a small patch of paradise in what seems a unending wasteland… 






Day 6-Theresa-interdemensional bounty hunter

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She’s an inerdemensional bounty hunter. She warps through time and space and catches the baddies. That’s about it.

Day #8 Officer “Babyboy” Garcia (zombie)

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Officer “Babyboy” Garcia (zombie)

  • Suspects Thomas Cain of murder
  • Follows Thomas into a shuttle destined for the space transport to the Titan Colony (which Thomas is not authorized to enter)
  • Thomas kills Garcia by slitting his throat with a knife; he then hides his body in the waste section of the space transport
  • The next time Thomas sees him, Garcia is a zombie

#6 Dr. Walter Vargas

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While the maid Ms. Herdez was cleaning the long forgotten estate of the late Dr. Walter Vargas; an eccentric self proclaimed genius and rouge-inventor, she knocked over what she thought to be old stack of copper and brass pots and pipes covered in an old tarp.  Deciding she would tend to it the next day, she left it where it lay not knowing the tumble flicked on a pilot light to an old boiler tank.  Late that night long after Ms. Herdez left something began to stir under the old tarp, pistons pumped and grungy gears began to turn.  Soon a hulking metal mass rose from the floor,and suspended in a glass dome filled with fluid is the brain of the late Dr. Vargas.

Day 8 – Lapiz

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Not enough time to color and Im lazy lol.

Welp here is a girl, that is a plant. Weeeew

Phipp, Tech Apprentice, Upper City from my Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 08 --Phipp, Tech Apprentice Upper City from my novel "Mentor"

Phipp plays a key role in my novel “Mentor”. His technological skills border on the magical, even for the relatively computer dependent and decadent Upper City Citizens. He just has a way with computers and code, and inherited tools and skills passed down through his family for generations.

And a good thing, too. His family was responsible for the health and repair of the MAICS, the Master Artificial Intelligence Computer System, that controlled not only all services inside the bubble that was Upper City, but also the Grid which connected every one to everyone else.

Things have been going seriously wrong with MAICS lately. Anomolies showing up in the code, replicators not creating perfect copies, changes in communications. It was Phipp’s job as apprentice to see troubleshoot any physical problems with MAICS, but somehow these problems seems to be more than just a melted core, or a board crumbling with age. MAICS was getting old, yes. But… Could someone be trying to sabotage it?
When Phipps begins to investigate, he find much much more than he bargained for.

#8 – Tyler the Expert Mechanic

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Tyler was once a thief who stole mechanical parts in order to create his own “inventions” for kicks.  One day, Drew made an attempt to recruit him to build weapons and armor parts for her army.  Tyler refused on the grounds that he would never use his skills for evil purposes, and she tried to kill him.


However, Sandy and her father caught up to Drew and stopped her before she could even lay a finger on him.  For saving him, Tyler promised to build the Grounds a special machine that will come in handy whenever they need it.  He now builds weapons for peacekeepers, as well as other useful machines for everyday use.


He can be kind of clumsy at times, but he is truly serious about his job.  When he’s not building something like some super awesome laser cannon, he spends his free time sightseeing, talking to people, and shopping for spare parts for weapons (even though he used to steal such items back then).

Day 8: Mr.Seward

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Charles Seward

Charles Seward lives alone in his suburban home. He is notorious among the neighborhood kids for being scary and non-social. He appears to be retired and is mainly seen working on his home and personal projects. All around quite an average man…. or so it seems.

#8 Demon Samurai

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Demon Samurai

This was definitely a very experimental piece. I just felt like drawing a samurai–and got fascinated by the different types of mask styles. The eerie designs made me wonder if something even more evil could be hidden behind these masks. I definitely wanted to push colours of this piece…felt like i could have done more, but at this point I just wanted to drop the pen or else it would have gotten too tight. Definitely a very different piece from anything I’ve done. A very good learning experience indeed.



#8 Louis Wharover

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#8 – Daiki the Ronin

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I am so sick and tired right now…ughhh….so i’m taking a break from posting my story characters to post a character sketch I did.

This is Daiki, he’s a Ronin samurai. His clan disbanded after the head of the clan was killed in battle. He was once a strong general, but now he’s an assassin/odd job man for hire, earning pocket change. He’s rough around the edges and really has trouble speaking to others but he upholds tradition and ritual above all else. The tattoo he has on his chest/face is a tree and for every man he’s killed in battle he’s added another branch to the tattoo.


#8 Son of Khan

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Son of Khan

To much of the world, Genghis Khan was an evil warlord and the catalyst of wars that nearly destroyed entire cultures throughout Asia. For some people, including many in Mongolia, he was a great leader that united disparate tribes and brought education, direction and cohesion to a divided people. But however one looks at it, in his life Genghis Khan conquered more territory than Alexander the Great or the Romans. Young Kublai Dagvadorj dreams to be the next great hero to his native country of Mongolia. He honors the great Khan, and brings a code of honor and a brutal style of combat to protect his people as best he can.



#8 – Earl The Rat

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#7 Karga The Great

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BEHOLD Karga The Great…one night only…you shall be AMAZED!!!

#8: Barkeep at the Scorned Widow Pub

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She may not look like much, but every now and then some dummy starts trouble in her pub.  No one is entirely certain if she is the scorned widow, if if she just likes to live up to her name.

#7 – Twirl

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This is not anything like my usual style, but that’s what this challenge is for, right?

#5 Spill Scarlet

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Day #8 Maxine Smith

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From the same universe as Terrance Maxine is another “superhuman” part of the highly publicized Fighting matches. She’s characterized as a villian mostly due to her red eyes unusal for even the superhumans. Her strength is creating barriers, and she herself is pretty tough. just like most of the fighters, she is a supreme athlete excelling in physicality as much as kinetic barrier creation. Politically she is highly involved in the preservation of “superhuman” rights (I really need a better term.) She has little paitence for stupidity, and aside from her political aspirations she stays fairly under the radar  when it comes to media and paparazzi.

#8 Tiger Warrior

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Tiger Warrior

Tiger Warrior

#9 Turid Dandelion

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Turid Dandelion, the once and future ruler of all Europe astride her loyal steed, Steve; A polar bear of refined tastes.

(Well I’m UK so it’s 2am right now… on the 9th, before I get jumped for it appearing to be posted on the 8th)



#8 – Prog

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#8: The Librarian’s Cat

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The Librarian insists that her cat is from a magical land hidden deep in the mountains of Asia. She claims that he has read every book ever written, and must now spend all of his time contemplating him. I’m not stupid, though. It’s clear he’s just a lazy old tabby.

#8 – Ramla Byrne

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Ramla is the oldest of three daughters born to Justin and Mirabeth Byrne – the Midwestern leaders of the Byrne Clan, prestigious sorcerers in the American magical community.  Ramla is a 4th generation Seer and is more powerful then her ancestors.  She is a Head seer (she can see the future and past in dreams and visions, use telepathy and telekinesis) and has spent the majority of her twenty-six years training to become a pure and powerful Head seer so that she may be chosen as one of the seven seers to fulfill the Prophesy for the Whole.

Spoiled, bossy, and arrogant, Ramla is as obsessed with power as any of the Byrnes and sees this as her way to make the world see how special she is.  However, she can only be chosen if she is destined to be one of the seven and the only one who can decide that is the mysterious Peiona, the “mother” seer.

#7 – Hanae

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Hanae is a shape shifter, like many in the unseen magical world, but instead of changing from a human to an animal she is sort of a were-tree.  She can shift between being a Cherry Blossom tree, a human, or the in between state of a human-blossom, basically a blossom fairy, though she cannot sustain that form for very long since the in-between state takes a lot of energy to remain in that form.

Hanae is very sweet, kind and gentle.  She is tall and willowy with pale pink hair in her human form.  She was transplanted a seedling from Japan and is over a hundred years old.  She spends the autumn and winter in a hibernation state and is only awake for about six-seven months in the year.  Her biggest obstacle is the sheer boredom of being a tree, so she takes human form as much as possible.