07 – Korvus Kain & the Murder Men

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… continued from Character #6, Ms. Mercury…

… state trooper Sgt. Korvus Kain!

Sgt. Kain was sent out to investigate a remote area of forest, accessible only by dirt roads, under the assumption that smugglers were operating in the area.  Kain liked smugglers.  He liked the bribe money and kickbacks he received from various smuggling operations even more.  The sergeant arrived to the designated site, looking to cash in on whatever illegal activity was occurring, when he was joined, much to his dismay, by military personnel, a handful of university types and even a Senator!

Kain witnessed the Danaian contact and was mentally trying to find an angle to play when the meteors began to fall.  Like everyone, Kain sought shelter from the rocky precipitation.  Unfortunately, he was overcome by a fit a coughing that stalled him long enough to become a target for a large meteor fragment that crushed his body beneath its enormous weight.  A soldier and, if his traumatized eyesight could be believed, the Senator’s wife lifted the meteor off him before dragging his broken body through the meteoric maelstrom.  Left in the care of a soldier, shielded by the wreckage of his own police cruiser, Korvus Kain died from the injuries he had sustained in the impact.

The soldier who was with him ducked as a meteor slammed into the ground nearby ending up on top of the recently deceased Korvus Kain.  Kain’s body glowed with an internal golden light.  His dead hand grasped the shocked soldier’s face and began to drain the life energy from the warfighter.  When the meteor storm cleared and the wreckage was surveyed, Korvus Kain’s body was nowhere to be found.

While Kain’s fateful coughing fit was due to emphysema from his years as a heavy smoker or from inhaling the alien atmosphere that emanated from the Danaian craft remains to be seen, it is clear that Kain was transformed that day along with others at that monumental meeting in the Michigan wilderness.  Korvus Kain is effectively dead and exists solely through the absorption of human life force.  The more life that Kain drains, the physically stronger he becomes.  Being undead, Kain is resistant to toxic substances, does not need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep.

To fuel his hunger for life and that for power, Kain turned his contacts from his days as a corrupt policeman into his own criminal empire.  His personal army, the MURDER MEN, serves him and brings him living offerings in return for money and power.  Kain and his Murder Men are a constant thorn in the side of the Secret Soldiers and are the first, and arguably the most successful, super-powered criminal organization in the U.S.

While this homegrown horror is enough to occupy the Secret Soldiers, the real threat to their super powered presence comes from…

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