#3 Aki N’Vu, Brave SOL Captain

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SOL, an incredibly advanced modular Class-HS vessel, traveling through the galaxy with a precious cargo… an entire species. They were supposed to lie cryogenically frozen during their millennial voyage on SOL Module 3 (aka E:A.R.Th.), alas, that was not to be. A malfunctioning defense system allowed a meteor to crash on the module destroying their huge reptilian protectors and releasing all the hyper-coolant into the atmosphere. After a time an unable to maintain the level required to maintain cryogenic stasis.. Man awoke to a destiny still far among the stars. Aki N’vu, brave captain and his trusted crew descended through a crack on the face of E:A.R.Th. to the command center, to take manual control of SOL after it was determined that Gea, the on-board computer had been damaged and their course was feared lost. Time in the command center moves differently you see. Aki N’vu and his brave crew have been commandeering SOL through countless eras while on the surface.. Man lost himself, evolving constantly he forgot that he was meant to be amongst the stars. Now 7,000,000,000 humans populate the surface of E:A.R.Th., a number for which the life vessel was not designed. They face a total system breakdown and on their hour of need.. only Captain N’vu and his crew stand vigilant preventing Module 3 from cracking in two and keeping SOL and it’s modules on perfect motion. Some have (barely) seen them, they are talked of in whispers.. called by many names.. they are the navigators, the problem solvers, janitors, keepers… heroes.


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  1. This is really late, i’m already far, far behind on the challange but hopefully i can keep them coming. The whole thing has been lots of fun, so much so that it’s made my job seem really frustrating. It gets in the way of doing what i love. Well.. such is life.

    • SheliHay says:

      Haha, I know that feeling!

      Alejandro, I’m totally rooting for you. These pictures are GORGEOUS. Just take a few sick days, your boss will understand, right?

  2. johnomatopoeia says:

    This is phenomenal work of art!

  3. johnomatopoeia says:

    **a** phenomenal work of art! Keep it up, only 27 more days to go and I am excited to see what else you can produce!

  4. Jess ReyMon says:

    completly agree with john!!! fan #1 reporting!!! jajajaja!!! poor guy taking care of us!!! great draw! great history! keep coming please! i’m waiting for the next one!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the support and the kind words everyone. Taking a couple of sick days might be a good idea, but i’ll leave it as a last resource. Thanks again 🙂

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