#6 Audrey the Water Breathing Shark Taming Cat from Milwaukee!

| November 8, 2011 | 3 Comments

Training sharks like a motherfucker since 1997.


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  1. johnomatopoeia says:

    How many Sharks can Audrey possibly encounter in Milwaukee (“which is actually pernounced “mil-eh-wa-ke”, which is Algonquin for ‘the good land'”). I’m sure she’s met a few in the past 14 years, but her skills may mildly be going to waste so far from any real salt water. I suppose the general water breathing is impressive enough no matter what part of the ocuntry you are in, but still, I’ll bet if she lived in San Diego or Key West we would be calling her Audrey the Shark training water breathing cat from insert pretty much any location on the coast. The Bay Area and the Northern California Coast line, for example, are known breeding grounds for great white sharks…think of the international publicity and recognition Audrey could draw screwing around with Great Whites! She could be legendary!

  2. Cormack says:

    It’s a good point but old Audrey there is only from Milwaukee. She discovered her talent after a field trip to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin. As it turns out she can train all sharks except whale sharks, but it’s nothing personal, they just do their own thing you know? Anyways she currently lives in Miami FL during the winter and Chatham MA in the summer (which is why there is always a great white siting every summer).

  3. johnomatopoeia says:

    Good for Audrey! It is great to hear she is really doing something with her life!

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