#7 “Control Freak” Charlie Windinsky

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Universe/Storyline: The Band

Universe details: In the isolated city of Crescent where these characters live, superpowers spring from close encounters with death. Only people born in the city can gain these powers, and since this is a relatively new settlement, the first generation of people born there are just starting to show signs of super-fication. This means mostly kids and teens. Of the teens, Camille, Max, Amelia, Walter, and Rin decide to team up and form a band. They take it upon themselves to help other kids who are just getting powers/dealing with death. Eventually, when The Band realizes that everyone deserves to be informed about the city’s unique predicament, they try to reach every kid in the city at once by putting on a live concert.

Height: 4’ 10”

Body Type: Prepubescent child.

Hair: Sandy blonde and shaggy. It was a bowl cut once, but it’s grown out since then and obviously hasn’t been well cared for.

Eyes: Blue

Race: White

Age: 11

Attire: Whatever dirty, torn rags he can scrounge up. He’s been wearing the same clothes for many years so they’re often too small for him or worn out.

Superpowers: Mind Blank, Conscious (primary)- By his command, CF can empty the mind of anyone within his gaze. The effect can be temporary, as in when he only empties the conscious mind, knocking his victim out. But, he can also blank memories and even the parts of the brain that control bodily function, effectively killing his victim.

Possession, Conscious (secondary)- After a victim has been mentally blanked, a space is left for CF to transfer his mind into theirs and inhabit/control their body. While possessing someone, CF has very little conscious control over his own body; he is basically alive but behaves like a mindless zombie, sitting and staring into space. Without a guardian to watch over and feed his vacant body, he would certainly die. However, CF can return his mind to his own body at any time in case it needs to be taken care of. There is a chance that his host will regain consciousness while he is outside their body. CF takes with him all of the memories he generated when inside a host body, leaving the host confused if they wake up.

Personality: CF relies almost completely on instinct and undeveloped emotions in his use of power. He has essentially raised himself during the years since he accidentally killed his insane mother in self-defense. Occasionally Rin visits him and brings him food and other necessities. She harbors ill will toward him because she doesn’t know the exact circumstances of what happened between him and her mother. Charlie doesn’t take much comfort from her courtesy visits; instead he seeks a replacement for his weak and pitiful body in order to defend himself against the harsh world.

Power Sources/Backstory:

a.      Memory Erasure (proximity, precision, at will, not permanent)- He killed his mother accidentally when she came after him with a pair of garden shears.

b.      Mental Transplantation- In the same moment he kills his mother, he takes the shears and gets power #2.

Theme Song: Master of Puppets- Metallica

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