#7 Fuku

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Age: 19
Place of Origin: Port Latiga
Height: 5′ 4″
Eye color: Green

Fuku has does not know who she really is, just who she will become “the most famous pirate girl in all the 10 seas!’
Fuku woke up one morning on the shore of port Latiga, she was a little girl then, must have been 8 or 9. She was
found by a lady peasant who used to be a warrior for the empire. She taught Fuku how to defend her self from the
evil that consumed the port, but after the lady died of a strange illness called “dying phoenix” where you spontaneously
combust in flames, Fuku could only survive by stealing and doing mercenary jobs, although at first she was not taken seriously.
Fuku’s character is playful, but determined. She is girly but dont let that fool you, her strength sneaks up on you if you
under estimate her. She hates mermaids because they gave her “mother figure” the “dying phoenix” illness. She loves shinny coins
so much, she has started her own private collection in a small Island south west of port Latiga. She is fierce, cute, and ready
to make her way into “the queen of the 10 seas”

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