#7 – Hanae

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Hanae is a shape shifter, like many in the unseen magical world, but instead of changing from a human to an animal she is sort of a were-tree.  She can shift between being a Cherry Blossom tree, a human, or the in between state of a human-blossom, basically a blossom fairy, though she cannot sustain that form for very long since the in-between state takes a lot of energy to remain in that form.

Hanae is very sweet, kind and gentle.  She is tall and willowy with pale pink hair in her human form.  She was transplanted a seedling from Japan and is over a hundred years old.  She spends the autumn and winter in a hibernation state and is only awake for about six-seven months in the year.  Her biggest obstacle is the sheer boredom of being a tree, so she takes human form as much as possible.

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  1. Nycteris says:

    I just love your art style. 🙂

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