#7 Lord Sapien

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Lord Sapien

Lord Sapien

All Hail His Endlessness, Lord Sapien, The Exemplar, Sovereign of Mankind, Fount of All Blessings, Arbiter of History, Killer of the Giant Squids, Terror of the Gigamerican Republic, Emperor of Alpha Centauri and France, Protector of the Fabled Fountain of Youth, and the Right Hand of the Howling Void. In him and only him, the seed of the superior being, and among his enemies the wailing and gnashing of teeth. His is the face too great to be gazed upon by human eyes. Who is worthy of him but his once and future love, The Bride from Outside Time?

Half-Spanish, Half-Seminole slave who escaped from Spanish conquistadores and found fountain of youth. Killed anyone else who came near it, and has jealously guarded it ever since. After a few centuries of study, training, and contemplation, he named himself Lord Sapien, and decided he was the Sovereign of Mankind, adding the title Arbiter of History for good measure. After killing or incapacitating the elder immortals, he set about to rearrange history to his liking. In this, he was frustrated time and time again by the Tomorrow Detectives, a group of elite operatives from the 80th century who protected the proper flow of time.

Eventually, he was able to hijack one detective’s transport tech and enter the Tomorrow Fortress. He laid waste to it, killing all of the detectives save one and razing most of the fortress to the ground. Emira, the last surviving Tomorrow Detective, defeated him in single combat and sent him back into the timestream, where he reshaped civilization to his dark, twisted liking. He became smitten with Emira Last, and has repeatedly offered to make her his immortal bride. He has sired many, many children over the millennia, and most of them despise their father’s eternal immaturity, even those who fight by his side. He is beset on all sides by intrigue and falsity, and he sees in Emira’s defiance and purity his only hope of escaping the darkness he has created, and that has now trapped him for all time.

Over the years, he has added a variety of nanotech and cybernetic enhancements to defend against his myriad children, powered by the reactor in his chest. His mask is bolted on to his head, to prevent against what he believes is the imminent theft of his face.


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