#8 Ian DeSoto

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Professor. Archaeologist. All-around grump and cynic.

Image from Indiana University newsroom

Name: Ian DeSoto.

Age: 36.

Appearance: Slightly above-average height (6’2). Longish, floppy  light brown hair, glasses. Generic professor wear–button-downs, jeans, hardly ever a tie.

Personal: Sarcastic and cynical in the extreme. The favorite professor of exactly no one. A consummate archaeologist. Enjoys Mexican food and is slightly, or extremely, obsessed with the notion of the Basement Girl.

Overview: A newly minted Ph.D, Ian teaches at a large university whose anthropology program happens to be overfull of archaeologists, leaving him to teach a variety of cultural classes which he generally disdains. He has carried on a personal and professional rivalry with another department member since both were completing master work–something which will come to a head when Ian learns just who Andro has been seeing in his spare time.

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