#8 – Karate Kane

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#8 – Karate Kane

After falling behind a console at a Nuclear power plant during a Holiday party, this simple candy cane became slowly soaked in radiation. After many years, the sweet confectionary became a sentient being and decided to leave his space behind the console and seek out adventure in the big world.

After weeks of wandering, he found a small town theatre that often ran Kung-Fu movie marathons. Taking up residence, he slowly learned from the Kung-Fu masters of the silver screen, perfecting his craft.

One fateful night, he decided he must fight for justice and good holiday cheer by calling himself Karate Kane. He wanders the streets, looking for the thugs that would bring about the demise of Christmas spirit.

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I'm a writer and comic book fan who attends East Coast conventions regularly. As a father of three, I find myself juggling being a father, a breadwinner, a publisher, and a writer. With the tiny bit of time I have left over from those four areas, I enjoy helping others get their books and stories out of the desk drawer and into the world.

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