#8 Miranda Glynnis

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In the world of Elhi,everyone knows 3 things about Mermaids.

1.Because they don’t have souls,Mermaids,and Mermen,cannot die.

2.If you possess a Mermaid’s comb,she must do your bidding.

3.Whatever name she gives you is a false one.Land dwellers CANNOT pronounce a mermaids true name.


70 years ago the mermaid known as Miranda Waverly,had her comb stolen by Herminia Ingraham,owner of Ingraham’s Traveling Oddities,and was forced to perform in her show.She spent night after night sitting in a murky tank,and flirting with whatever rube happened to tap on the glass.After 7 years of this the show pulled into the city of Purgatory,nestled at the base of the Tarrasque  Mountains and split into 3 parts by the Alighieri river.It was supposed to be a 2 week stay,but a fire at the theater ended the life of Herminia and the days of her traveling show.As the rubble was cleared Miranda stayed at the site,searching desperately for her comb,for without it she can’t return to the sea.She never found it,nor has she discovered it’s whereabouts in the decades since.

Miranda’s skin is pale like Mother of Pearl,and she has deep blue eyes,and hair that,like the ocean itself goes from light blue green to stygian black as it cascades down her back.Her tail is bands of blue and purple and ends in bright blue fins with black tips.She has adjusted to life on land,though she must spend one day per week completely submerged in salt water to maintain her health. The local population of RiverFolk have unofficially adopted her as one of their own,though some of the Nixies still snub her.

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