#8 Miss-American

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Another goofy character from a ridiculous story I am working on. This is one disappearing act you might wish would never be invisible, Miss-American:

She started off as Miss Kansas and then went on to win Miss American. Her stunning smile and chilling performance of “God Bless America” hooted beautifully on an old jug made her an easy winner. Sunny and ever optimistic, Sandy Stillwell came from a family of overachievers. Specializing in the sciences of agriculture and technology, the Stillwell’s were wealthy, wise, and wonderful. Struggling with a touch of jealousy, Sandy’s younger sister Sally excelled the most in the area of high-tech science and development. Just arriving home from her Miss American tour, Sandy was horrified to see her family’s homestead in the country ablaze. She immediately called 911 and then went in looking for survivors. Reaching Sally while she still had a few last breaths, Sally revealed that masked men had broken in looking for her latest device’s schematics. The men made off with them successfully, but failed to acquire the device for which they were drawn. The size and shape of three small jewels, Sally had created a trio of powerful magnets which, when engaged simultaneously, could trigger a small distortion in the magnetic field around them, causing them and whatever was within their frequency to seem invisible. Handing a small box containing the magnets, Sally then died in her sister’s arms. Grieving the loss of her family, Sandy remembered the box and opened it. Inside were the three jewel-shaped magnets and a piece of information intentionally left off of the schematics. In order to be activated, the jewels needed to be connected by a special metal – the very same one that Sandy’s Miss American tiara was molded in! Inserting the magnets behind the jewels in her tiara, Sandy was able to make herself disappear. Now Sandy continues to fight for the US in style as the ever beautiful and sometimes invisible Miss-American!

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