#8 – Noah Hillard

| November 8, 2011 | 2 Comments


Noah Hillard, 29, American mutt. The youngest of seven children from a God-fearing family in Iowa, Noah was born sickly and weak, prone to illness and badly asthmatic. He couldn’t keep up with his rougher siblings but he had more spunk than any of them, so he sank into fantasy books and made entire worlds of adventure. Blessed with a shade of sixth sense – or maybe just looking for the unusual things other people gloss over – Noah saw things his siblings couldn’t dream of. He was a brave child, enthusiastic, lively, clear-eyed and valiant, and he dreamed of bigger adventure all the way into college. He studied anthropology, dreaming of distant jungles and zombies and mystical animals, but was never cleared for field work. Too sickly. So he went back for a master’s, then a ph.d, and now he lives in a haze of depression working as a post-doc. Noah was never, never meant to be in a windowless TA office. He was born to be a hero. Part of him is dying away, and that spark might go out if something big doesn’t happen soon.

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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24. Amazing. Hails from the glistening shores of Salt Lake City, Utah. I like indie comics, webcomics, all things DC and many things Marvel, and I think designing thirty characters will be a great exercise for me! Who's ready to get rolling?

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  1. Diana says:

    Ah yes, my character-of-the-day Ian is also a caged creature. He’s meant for field work, not teaching bunches of hopeless undergrads. But Noah seems much more pure of heart and hopeful; Ian just hates everyone. :B

    • GirlHero says:

      He’s SO pure-of-heart. His real self is boundlessly optimistic and never knows when to quit and never gives up on anyone ever, but it’s slowly being beaten out of him. Ian sounds like he needs to go bowling with Noah. HAPPY FUN TIMES MAKING GRUMPY MEN MISERABLE.

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