#8 – Ramla Byrne

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Ramla is the oldest of three daughters born to Justin and Mirabeth Byrne – the Midwestern leaders of the Byrne Clan, prestigious sorcerers in the American magical community.  Ramla is a 4th generation Seer and is more powerful then her ancestors.  She is a Head seer (she can see the future and past in dreams and visions, use telepathy and telekinesis) and has spent the majority of her twenty-six years training to become a pure and powerful Head seer so that she may be chosen as one of the seven seers to fulfill the Prophesy for the Whole.

Spoiled, bossy, and arrogant, Ramla is as obsessed with power as any of the Byrnes and sees this as her way to make the world see how special she is.  However, she can only be chosen if she is destined to be one of the seven and the only one who can decide that is the mysterious Peiona, the “mother” seer.

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