#8 – Salvitore Al-Adir

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Salvitore is a man who reserves his words until he can speak succinctly. He came into The Word of magic older than most apprentices, around the age of thirteen, and his mother was so fed up with him stalking around mimicing the town’s resident Wizard that she finally dragged him to him and forced him off on the same Wizard as an apprentice. His master was not a kind man, nor was he cruel, but he was certainly very just and a more than adequate teacher. From that man, Salvitore gained an appreciation of other’s worth, and learned to gauge others by effort they put into their life. When his master began to weaken five years later, Salvitore was surprised to find that not only had he left nothing to him in his will, he had in fact written out a letter for him to take to the Academy at Rougebern that he needed to spend a few more years in service before his ‘debt’ was paid off.

This was Salvitore’s first run in with the debt of knowledge that all young Wizards are burdened with, and though he quickly learned and prevailed in the strict environment of the far away school, he always had to fight down his dislike of their treatment. He was soon a master in his own right, and since he already had formulated many new theories on magically-induced growth, and shown himself to be a capable researcher and friendly enough to handle the various comissions that came to the Academy, he was mostly left to his own. It was during this time that he continued to specialize into living things, and their manipulation. Soon that specialization began to affect his abilities. With his master’s seal already in hand, he paid it little mind despite what he already knew about Elementalists. It was during this time he took on Leandra as an apprentice, striving to be at least as fair and even-handed as his master had been. Within another two years, his new abilites were truly blossoming, and he welcomed the half-hearted expulsion from the Academy that was served to him.

He proceeded to the coast to see a busier city, and within a month has already shown himself useful enough to the local nobility to be given more than enough land for his uses, and within another year, he was happily married to the Duke’s daughter, and his first Arboretum was built to house his new creations and his plethora of experiments. He had almost completely forgotten Leandra’s predicament during those years, until she finally caught up with him at his arboretum, bearing a ring all to similar to his own binding guantlet.

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  1. I really like that gauntlet/glove on his hand. It looks pretty cool!

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