#8: Spare Change

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Name: Jason Freeman
Aliases: Spare Change, Treasurer, Meter Master
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5’7

Weight: 155 lb
Bio: Jason was born in Norfolk, Northern Virginia in 1986. Coming from a lower middle-class family, Jason graduated high school and found work as a parking enforcement officer.  In 2009, he attempted to ticket super-criminal Black Hat, and was kidnapped and held by the Union of Superior Individuals for eleven days before their Norfolk base was raided and Jason was set free.

Having now been given a frontline view of the Bureau’s combat strategy and technologies, Jason was conscripted into Operation: At the Gates.

Powers: Jason has powers tied to coins. They are as follows:

Pennies: Jason can accelerate these to Mach 2 when he throws them, making them an excellent anti personnel weapon.

Nickels: Jason can expand the nickel into a shield roughly a meter in diameter. The shield is estimated to have twice the strength of a kevlar vest.

Dimes: Jason can force these to detonate after a set amount of time. The explosion is equivalent to that of a fragmentation grenade.

Quarters: Jason can transform these into knuckles, allowing him over ten times his natural strength in his hands.

Half-dollars: Jason can transform these into swords, stronger than steel and attached to his hands.

Dollar coins: Similar to dimes, Jason can activate a large explosion with these.  He refused to test the coin, claiming the testing facility was too small to contain it.

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  1. Haha, the name Spare Change is perfect for him. This is a cool concept!

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