#8 – Tyler the Expert Mechanic

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Tyler was once a thief who stole mechanical parts in order to create his own “inventions” for kicks.  One day, Drew made an attempt to recruit him to build weapons and armor parts for her army.  Tyler refused on the grounds that he would never use his skills for evil purposes, and she tried to kill him.


However, Sandy and her father caught up to Drew and stopped her before she could even lay a finger on him.  For saving him, Tyler promised to build the Grounds a special machine that will come in handy whenever they need it.  He now builds weapons for peacekeepers, as well as other useful machines for everyday use.


He can be kind of clumsy at times, but he is truly serious about his job.  When he’s not building something like some super awesome laser cannon, he spends his free time sightseeing, talking to people, and shopping for spare parts for weapons (even though he used to steal such items back then).

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