Day 8: Chet and Chad

| November 8, 2011 | 1 Comment

Chet is a little afraid of her best friend. He doesn’t seem dangerous, he’s just a little overly dead for her tastes.

Chad has come back from the grave to uncover his killer. He doesn’t remember much about how he kicked, so he sought out his best childhood friend for a hand. Chet was surprised, not only because Chad’s a ghost, but because they hadn’t hung out for much of highschool. It didn’t seem to matter to Chad, and he bugs her to help him out.

Unfortunately for Chet, the circumstances that allowed Chad to come back aren’t random. There’s a force pulling supernatural strings, and the pair we’ll have to do more than get their Scooby Doo on to learn the truth.

Category: 2011, Drama, Horror

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  1. Huh, interesting story. Good friends reunited after death. Well, after one’s death. Wonder what’s bringing this all together…

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