Number 5: Shadow Walker

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Full name: Craig Carter
Alias: Shadow Walker
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Allignment: Good
Race: White
Height: 5’9”(human form), up to 1 mile (shadow forms)
Abilities: Can shift between three forms (human, half shadow, and full shadow).

In half shadow, Shadow Walker retains his physical form, but can alter his body and limbs (such as extending, enlarging, or transforming into blades) by turning portions of himself into shadows. This form also removes much of his nerve endings, making him less vulnerable to pain on his physical body, while his shadow portions cannot be damaged by any conventional means.

In full shadow, Carter becomes incorporeal, allowing him to extend his shadow across great distances, over buildings, and through water at virtually the speed of light. This form is reserved for travel, since he cannot interact with the physical world in this state. Furthermore, if he stays in the shadow world for too long, he will be attacked by shadow demons and various other creatures that call the shadow world home.

Appearance: human form- short blonde hair, green eyes, thin, somewhat lanky. Half shadow form- white robe with hood, exposed shadow portions around waist, knees, chest, hands, feet, and forearms. Full shadow form- incorporeal
Bio: Craig Carter was raised by a single father, and never thought anything special of himself. However, on his 13th birthday, his father revealed to him that his mother was actually a shadow demon who had tricked his father into sleeping with her. After a one night stand, she disappeared.

9 months later, the demon returned to tell Craig’s father of her deception and give him the baby, fearing that if she kept him in the shadow world, he would be hunted down by other beasts of the realm. Then she disappeared again, but this time, she never came back.

After that day, Craig started to feel himself becoming more and more disconnected with the world, even sometimes feeling that people around him didn’t see him altogether. One night, he was walking home when a car came careening past a turn and headed straight for him. Craig froze in a panic, but the car somehow went straight through him. He looked around at himself and found that somehow he had tapped into his shadow heritage and become completely connected to shadows.

From then on, Craig Carter decided to hone his abilities, vowing that someday he would use them to find his mother and discover the truth about his history.

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  1. I like it… It’s an interesting character with a pretty strong motivation (something that can be really hard to create in characters). I think this is your best post yet!

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