Phipp, Tech Apprentice, Upper City from my Novel “Mentor”

| November 8, 2011 | 2 Comments

2011 Day 08 --Phipp, Tech Apprentice Upper City from my novel "Mentor"

Phipp plays a key role in my novel “Mentor”. His technological skills border on the magical, even for the relatively computer dependent and decadent Upper City Citizens. He just has a way with computers and code, and inherited tools and skills passed down through his family for generations.

And a good thing, too. His family was responsible for the health and repair of the MAICS, the Master Artificial Intelligence Computer System, that controlled not only all services inside the bubble that was Upper City, but also the Grid which connected every one to everyone else.

Things have been going seriously wrong with MAICS lately. Anomolies showing up in the code, replicators not creating perfect copies, changes in communications. It was Phipp’s job as apprentice to see troubleshoot any physical problems with MAICS, but somehow these problems seems to be more than just a melted core, or a board crumbling with age. MAICS was getting old, yes. But… Could someone be trying to sabotage it?
When Phipps begins to investigate, he find much much more than he bargained for.

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  1. Malveka says:

    Great character sketch Jande. Phipp really stands out thanks to his clean and elegant lines compared to the more complex and textured surroundings. Love the outfit! It’s supercool, especially the decorative(?) symbolic stitching that manages to look both scientific and mystical.

    A very convincing member of the high-tech “priesthood”, which sounds as though it may be hereditary. Very interesting indeed!

  2. Jande Rowe says:

    Wow, Mal! That is an excellent assessment! As usual you are right on.

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