#3 Sixth Carbon Lama

| November 9, 2011 | 6 Comments

In the far future, a small, but devout Tibetan Buddhist sect insists that this particular cyborg’s organic system, while vat-grown & mass produced, is the reincarnation of a great scholar. It is the sixth cyborg in this particular lineage. This one, however, was created by the former PRC as a soldier (the ‘shaolin’-style forehead markings are actually data ports to facilitate programming). It’s never really said anything of major importance since its synthetic development renders it mute. But that hasn’t kept the monks from venerating it for the past one hundred & three years.


Need to seriously catch up after this one. The robes & the tech stuff really set me back, because they were a bit hard to figure out. But whatever, they were good practice all the same. No immediate use or agenda with this guy just yet. Just felt like doing something neat & cyberpunk-y.

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  1. treyjackson says:

    This is dope. And drawing robes are a bitch – I’m impressed.

  2. This is pretty sweet. I like the story behind him.

  3. MikeDubisch says:

    Very cool!!

  4. All kinds of awesome. I love it.

  5. Jared Lewis says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I really appreciate it

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