04 – The Sea Wizard

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The Sea Wizard is the last surviving Archmage on the planet.  His name is long forgotten, and he himself is perhaps the oldest human on the planet.  Back in the heyday of magic, many wizards preferred to follow the more spectacular schools of magicand set themselves up as the overlords of men – fire, ice, lightning, rock and the dead themselves were the preferred tools, and they carved mighty Empires for themselves.  However, slowly but surely, people found a way to kill them – to get close enough to end them.  It took hundreds of years, but eventually all the Mage-Empires were liberated.  Unfortunatly, the fervor that lead to the defeat of the magical tyrants wold not stop there, and many innocent magic users were slain to sate the bloodlust.

The Sea Wizard is thus the last – having followed a path of neutrality and lived in isolation, never letting others know of his powers.  As an adversary, he would be perhaps the most dangerous man to walk the earth – he can manipulate the tides and currents, water in all its forms and is certainly capable of blasting torrents of ice or searing hot steam.  A blow from his staff hits with the concentrated impact of a tsunami.  He is rarely drawn to battle though, and is content to live in peace in his abode – the tip of a pier – long ago left standing in the middle of the sea when the connection to the land burnt down, and shares it only with the gulls and cormorants. 

This piece was inspired quite a while back during a visit to Kent where I saw just such a pier as I describe here – I thought at the time that that place far out to sea looked like some sort of hermit might live there, and I liked the idea of the sea being a less glamourous but incredibly potent form of magic.

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  1. I really like all the blue and the way the light plays across the designs on his clothes.

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