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… continued from Character #7, Korvus Kain & the Murder Men…

…the Soviet Union and their super powered agents!

America’s revelry in their new super heroes was cut short when it became known that other people, the world over, had begun to display abilities beyond that of normal man.  In clandestine circles, it was also known that the Danaian arrival on Earth was not an event isolated to the wilds of northern Michigan.  The U.S. government’s biggest concern in these unprecedented times lay in the knowledge that unfriendly foreign nations were also fielding their own super powered operatives.  Operatives like the Soviet Union’s СУПЕР ЗВЕЗДА (SUPER STAR)!

Little is known of Super Star before he was transformed into the hero of Russia.  His real name was redacted from records and written over with “The Great Hero Super Star.”  There is some evidence indicating that he was a pilot and cosmonaut destined for a lunar mission that was interrupted, before lift-off, by the arrival of a delegation of Danaians at a remote, undisclosed launch pad somewhere in the Siberian tundra.

This powerhouse of the people is able to convert matter into form of energy that he can project as a weapon, favoring his hands and the star emblem on his chest as projectors, or a thrust for short flights or powerful leaps.  Physical attacks are nearly useless against Super Star as they are converted into energy to fuel his ability.  It is postulated that his initial transformation horribly disfigured this Soviet soldier and destroyed his vocal chords as he is never seen without his helmet and speaks, rarely, in a raspy voice.  Super Star, along and a handful of other powered comrades, works for the Soviet government fighting monstrosities, some human others less so, that began to appear shortly after the arrival of the Danaians.

Super powered soldiers and spies may have escalated the already tense relationship between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. but, as in Russia, empowered menaces on the home front pose a more immediate threat.  The Secret Soldiers have their hands full with threats like…

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  1. Batmankm says:

    Cool character and I love the camera angle.

  2. Sweet design! And nice job on the perspective!

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