#4 Longtalon

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It was late one night when Peter Longtalon was driving his wife & daughter home from a party with friends. Taking a shortcut through Hollow Tree National Forest, his truck was blocked by an overturned camper in the middle of the road. Forced to stop, Pete got out to inspect the accident seeing if anyone needed help. Instead, he was attacked by an eight foot tall beast. That was the last thing he saw.
One month later, Pete came to in a hospital bed. His sight was gone, & so was his family. According to the police report, Pete had crashed into the wreck, flinging him from the vehicle. The bodies of his wife & daughter were unaccounted for, believed to have either been thrown as well, or wandered away in a state of wounded confusion.
But Pete knew the truth. And two months ago, set out to kill the beast responsible. He hasn’t left the forest since.


Basic idea was ‘Sasquatch Hunter’ but I ended up veering very Frank Castle-meets-Ahab with the final product & I’m not entirely sure why. But I’m kind of happy with where this one went, even if it’s a little tropey.

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  1. relic12 says:

    hey Jared, Im really digging your character, Im thinking about the walking dead character design for him. your blog is on my favorite menu browser.

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