#5 S.I.L.B.A.

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Self-Induced Logistics Biological Android, Servant Class Series.

This model in particular is considered defective for two reasons:

1) Is gender-less, which is a rarity in the models, as they’re specifically designed to be either male or female depending for what they’re needed for. That is, despite of behaving (questionably) like a male, its physiology is mostly female (i.e. Ken Doll Anatomy)

2) Acts independently from any other S.I.L.B.A. units, which caused the concern of possessing free will, which many consider is a REALLY bad idea for an artificial being to have, not taking in consideration other social issues, but that’s another story…

Regardless of these “defects”, its current owner bought its services. Nowadays, despite of working without any issues, he has developed an interesting fascination towards MetaSoccer, up to fanboyish levels. Still, no one make a big fuzz about it, not even its owner, since it seemed harmless enough. Then one day it met Ikaro…

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