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No character-intro this time. I lied last time, I suppose–Tim and Marcus (#6) exist in the same universe. I just couldn’t help myself.

Character Summary: An Era-Exchange Student from the year 3054. He came to 1994 America in the hopes of learning more about the time period.

Full Name: Tim Willodean Vernon

Age: 19

Birth Date: April 1st, 3035

Birthplace: Ceani Spaceport, New Canada

Current Residence: Stillside, Florida, USA

Occupation: College Student (Freshman; History Major at Ralboe University)


  • Curt Vernon (Father)
  • Jan Vernon (Mother)
  • Russ Vernon (Older Brother; Age 25)
  • Robby Vernon (Older Brother; Age 24)
  • Liz Vernon (Younger Sister; Age 17)
  • Beth Vernon (Younger Sister; Age 15)

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Race/Nationality: New Canadian

Other: He’s very pale, and has odd, opaque red and blue tattoos located on the left of his hip and right of his collarbone. These tattoos are inventions from his time period, and appear to be no different from the rest of his skin, despite the color. Both of his ears are pierced. Personality wise, he’s a very odd mixture between proper and down-home, and often fluctuates between college-level vocabulary and slang.

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