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An extension of what I tried to roughly set up in #5.

The cats were the next to mutate, and far more drastically than the birds. The eyes developed to such a degree that they could SEE magic, even so far as to expanding and warping the skull in the back. Spiral figures emerged on the coat, extending down the back and tail, and in extensions beneath the ears. The spirals become associated with the magic mutation when it is further seen in other animals, though their purpose is still unknown.

Mutated animals are able to eat magic, leading to why the eyes developed so dramatically. Unfortunately, cats apparently can’t “burn the magic off” so-to-speak. As they eat more and more, their tails become fat, so much so, that they might lose mobility (wealthy owners of mutated cats often let this happen and provide their pets with wheeled encasements just for the tails so mobility is not lost). Provided the animal survives long enough with the tail inflation, the chest area begins to swell with fat until the rib cage crushes and the animal dies. Unfortunately, the cats have a ravenous hunger for magic and cannot stop. This has led to wild felines being almost non-existent in the wild since they cannot control their hunger and die from eventually not being able to move at all. Domesticated felines are kept in almost constant states of pain, with spikes in collars or inserted into the skin, as pain seems to override the hunger.

Rough thoughts are rough.

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