#6 Marcus Beeton

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Character Summary: The oldest son of the family hosting Tim Vernon, an Era-Exchange Student from 3054.

Full Name: Marcus Carlos Beeton

Age: 23

Birth Date: January 5th, 1971

Birthplace: Miami, Florida, USA

Current Residence: Stillside, Florida, USA

Occupation: Janitor at Domenica Church High School


  • Marcel “Cicero” Beeton (Father, Age 50)
  • Claire Beeton (Mother, Age 47)
  • Sylvian Prucell (Maternal Uncle, Age 25)
  • Marina Beeton (Younger Sister, Age 18)
  • Caroline Beeton (Younger Sister, Age 15)
  • Carolina Beeton (Younger Sister, Age 15)
  • Julio Beeton (Younger Brother, Age 12)
  • Lucia Beeton (Younger Sister, Age 9)
  • Gracie Beeton (Younger Sister, Age 3)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Race/Nationality: Spanish-Italian-American (2nd Generation Catalan-American on Father’s Side; 3rd Generation Italian-American on Mother’s Side)

Other: His best friend’s name is Judas St. John. He has the bad habit of befriending the kids who attend the school that he works at, and is known as “That Cool Janitor”. Three students who are especially close to him are Dorothy, Brayden, and Devon, three Seniors who happened to start attending Domenica Church the same year he began working there. Physically, he has rather bad posture, and is certain to need a cane once he’s old.

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