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chita montez is diver 6

chita montez is diver 6


Chita Montez is a professional diver, she makes her living escorting rich tourists out for different dives. She is a former olympian(bronze medal) and also a former member of the CNI(spain’s version of the cia)-she left the CNI after a dustup in somalia left 3 of her comrades dead. Now she conducts dives off the coast of brazil-the fashions are rather liberal ^^; in this part of the world.

She was contacted for a dive(along with 5 other divers), the party who rented the boat was a bit odd-3 americans and 2 colombians(she could tell by the accent). They were typically boorish and arrogant and she had pegged the americans as either cia or working for some other intel agency. Nonetheless, money is money…after a few hours of conch diving(and a few caparinhas) and fishing the americans and the colombians were settled on the deck discussing business with some urgency. Chita continued to dive and as she was underwater heard a tremendous commotion and saw the boat catch on fire. Surfacing briefly she saw a hail of gunfire as 2 assault helicopters strafed the boat and another lowered armed men into it… She saw the other divers shot dead as they surfaced. In the confusion she managed to swim far enough away to avoid the men and the copters…She is now being pursued as the only living member of this sea party. She is known as diver 6 by the us govt agency trying to kill her.

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