#8 Griffen In The Shadowlands

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Griffen In The Shadowlands

#8 Griffen In The Shadowlands (science fiction) James Griffen is a scientist who discovers  a new dimensional space — a “pocket” universe he calls the Shadowlands. The Shadowlands is a dark world populated by strange creatures and plants ( when someone dies in the Shadowlands the grasses pull the dead body into the earth). Fearing the world isn’t ready for his discovery, Griffen keeps the Shadowlands secret. Griffen does have a purpose for this world though; with his control of dimensional space Griffen can spy on criminals here on Earth.  And when Griffen learned all about the criminal’s activity, they got sucked into Griffen’s shadowy world. 10 criminals a day disappeared from the Earth never to be seen again. No trials, no jails needed; and no further criminal activity from the evil people who committed those crimes.

That is, until Griffen witnesses a mugging of a woman. The mugger is caught in the dimensional vortex that leads to the Shadowlands, but so is the woman. Both are tumbled into the dark grasses of that midnight world. While Griffen admits the event was an accident, he feels guilty sending an innocent person into the place suited for thosethat are evil. Griffen then enters the Shadowlands to resuce the woman, and discovers he is stuck there too.

Now Griffen spends his time trying to survive the dark world he sent others. Not only does he have to watch for the creatures and hostile plant life, there are also survivors of the criminals he sent. Wish him luck; he’ll need all of that he can use.

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Hi Gang!! Here I am for my third go around with this art challenge. I have high hopes to finish with at least 30 new characters this year. Last year"s schedule was hectic for me, so I only did 16 drawings. And while that number doesn't count it here; it does mean I already have a dozen characters waiting in the wings, simply because I didn't have the time to draw them out. Onward and upward!!! There seems to be a few new things happening this year: there are a lot of people who started early, and a lot of them are damn good. This latter should encourage all of us to churn out better characters and art as the challenge wears on. Good luck to us all.

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