#8 – Overdrive

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Overdrive is not this creature’s real name… nobody knows what it is or where she came from. Nobody knows anything about her. All anyone really bothered to find out was that the ticking energy bomb was their ticket to the future.

Overdrive, alongside being twice the size of a truck and about the force of a hundred of them, stores massive pockets of explosive energy inside her body. It’s what gives her an enormous size and strength. She can let it out in massive bursts, and if she were to let the whole bottle pop loose, she could destroy the world a hundred times over. This was what was most feared of her, and there was a massive campaign to kill her.

Then, it was discovered that this energy from her body could be extracted, and used as a cheap energy alternative.

Naturally, she was sedated, captured, and shipped off to a specially designed power plant, with her as the power source, all within a matter of weeks. She spends her days helplessly punching and tearing at the apparatus keeping her pinned into the floor, along with crushing anybody who happens to get too close. Bloody knuckles are almost a permanent reality for her, she’s never without them due to her constant thrashing. Overdrive’s always punished for it, and she has many scars to prove it, but she doesn’t seem to care. She’ll grind her body into a pulp if it means escaping…

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