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smart bros

Smart Brothers

The Smart Brothers are Hephaestus and Hannibal Smart, genius brothers who own a Super-Science Security Firm. Hephaestus is a physicist and engineer, who hides his dedication behind snarly, sullen sarcasm, while Hannibal is a biologist and master strategist, and a charismatic, smooth talker. United by their pursuit and development of experimental devices, they disagree on nearly everything else.

They were originally based in the prestigious Ebony Tower, but were forced to leave after a high-energy particle physics accident (where Heph lost his leg). As part of a related legal settlement, they were required to open a community center in the part of the city they’d damaged. They relocated their business there as well, and revitalized by proximity to the city’s diverse residents, opened up more community Smart Centers, to educate and mentor folks in the sciences.

In addition to protecting homes and businesses against Science Criminals, the two also moonlight as bounty hunters and fixers, tracking down outbreaks of Rogue Science and testing their out their new inventions. Being back in the community and away from the Ebony Tower has grounded them, and they’ve sworn to educate and defend the generally science-ignorant populace they previously despised. These local heroes’ adventures are followed, a la The Warriors, by a couple of radio personalities, Sunshine Starr and DJ Desmond Doom.

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  1. relic12 says:

    hey trey, Im totally feeling these characters. Smart brothers got it going on man, one…

  2. Jared Lewis says:

    Hell yeah! Everything I’ve seen of yours, I’ve really liked. But these two are particularly great! There’s a lot of story potential going on here & I’d love to see some more of them. And that might be my own personal basis towards superscience stories talking, but still…

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