#8 The Cypher

| November 9, 2011 | 3 Comments

A pattern had emerged. All the signs pointed to a location, and an approximate time frame. His old habits kicked in. Research, exploration, surveillance, optimization. After the incident at his last “hunt”, though, he would not be doing this fully by the book. And so he assumed that he would not be the only one to have spotted the anomaly.  He was right.

But what he found was very, very strange. It appeared to be an incredibly archaic physical backup, a book. Filled with apparently meaningless information, it’s textured pages were vaguely repulsive to him. This would require a visit to an old friend.

[The cybernetic arm is undergoing a cooling cycle after a period of heavy use. Recorded information from embedded software shows a strong pull backwards (68%), a strike forwards (33%), and an open-hand slice to the right (70%). No damage registered. Energy recuperation systems are at full efficiency. Battery has an approximate five hours and twenty-six minutes left.]


I started this piece with two elements. Cyberpunk, and a blue and green colour scheme. I like how it turned out.

Category: Scifi

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  1. jamiegambell says:

    Wow – another awesome entry! Great work!

  2. treyjackson says:

    Very cool! I love the color scheme and the outfit, especially the cybernetic arm, is fantastic. I also like the systems analysis after the narration.

  3. Jared Lewis says:

    Really like this! It’s precisely the kind of thing I look to see in a comic. Nice work!

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