#9 & 10 – Veauca & Lonauis

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Veauca is a dragon of the Vorchoveks clan, and the granddaughter of Rastok, the ancient patriarch of the clan.  She used to be his favorite, but one day she committed a terrible crime and was banished from her home and clan forever.  She fell in love with a fairy prince and became pregnant with his child.  Never before – or since – has a dragon mated with a fairy, because they are on opposite ends of the magical spectrum.  Dragons are one of the most powerful creatures of the First Race and are at the top of the food chain, fairies are the weakest creatures of the First Race and are basically snack food to all the other creatures.  For a dragon to mate with a fairy is like a human mating with a piece of popcorn – it’s pretty much impossible.

But Veauca met Lonauis when they were both wandering the earth in human form.  Veauca wanted to see the sunny islands of the sea and Lonauis wanted to see what cold and snow were like since the Fairy Lands are always green and sunny.  They fell in love, not realizing at first what they other was and when they discovered the truth they no longer cared.  They were both ostracized from their families and homes. Eventually they were taken in by Belatee, the Goddess of Fate, who married them in a quiet ceremony shortly before the child was due.

Both dragons and fairies lay eggs, but since they mated in human form the child was born in human form.  Veauca died shortly after giving birth to a daughter they named Vaulomia.  Lonauis was left to raise their only child and protect her from the those who seek to destroy her because they think she is an abomination or who wish to steal her powers for themselves.

Veauca and Lonauis are both wise, brave, gentle and kind. They are also passionate and impulsive which lead to their downfall, but neither would have traded the love of the other for anything in the world.

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