#9 – Adelaide

| November 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

Adelaide, the girl with a thousand problems. 22. The seamstress for Deep Mountain Sideshow, Addy is both talented and skilled, and though she originally hooked up with the circus as a palm reader, Maeve, the matriarch, took pity on her and instated her as official maker-of-costumes. This was a relief, as Addy has something of a curse. The instant she makes skin to skin contact with another person, she knows their every thought and every secret, everything they’ve ever done or wanted to do. She hasn’t willingly touched another person in more than seven years. Her parents couldn’t love her, not really, and she has very few people she could consider close friends, one of which just dropped dead under mysterious circumstances. Addy is gentle, sensitive, introverted and carefully controlled, but Maeve’s death lights an unfamiliar fire in her and she cannot let it pass. Enter Noah.

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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24. Amazing. Hails from the glistening shores of Salt Lake City, Utah. I like indie comics, webcomics, all things DC and many things Marvel, and I think designing thirty characters will be a great exercise for me! Who's ready to get rolling?

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  1. What a sad story! Poor girl.

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