#9 Alejandro Aguirre

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Professor. Forensic anthropologist.

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Name: Alejandro “Andro” Aguirre

Age: 34.

Appearance: Slightly less-than-average height (around 5’8). Stocky build. Of Cuban and Spanish Basque descent; black hair, medium skin, dark eyes. Wears black frame glasses. Favors dark-rinse jeans and graphic t-shirts, and has been known to wear a fedora.

Personal: Favorite professor of many, videogamer, and somewhat of a foodie.

Overview: A newly minted Ph.D, Andro teaches osteology and forensics classes at a large university. He has been a rather unwitting rival of a certain other professor’s since both were completing master work.  Despite his better judgment, Andro has become involved with one of his students.

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