#9 J’kel H’iyd – Survivor

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When the human’s came to our world, the scientists labeled it Hell. Our small lump of rock, barely half the size of Earth, barely had enough mass to keep its atmosphere intact. Instead of the rich thick mixture of oxygen and nitrogen that they were accustomed to, all Hell had was a thin soup of gases that would have killed a human if they didn’t suffocate first.

Hell’s orbit was extreme to say the least. At the outer limits, the system’s sun was barely a speck, leaving the surface of Hell a frozen wasteland with oceans of toxic ice and explosive snow. As Hell swung back around, it would pass through our sun’s outer atmosphere, turning the planets into a roiling ball of liquid rock and bathing it with incalculable amounts of radiation. In between the two ends of the orbits, a vast debris field bombarded the planet with thousands of asteroids.

None of the scientists could believe that a planet as extreme as Hell could possibly contain life. Until they saw our children skating the across the methane ice, the elderly playfully swimming through the seas of lava and even the whole race gathering on the plains, letting the solar winds wash over us.. Then they had to admit that Hell was our home.

But after the scientists were satisfied, the others came, the military and the politicians. They were afraid of us. We could survive hard vacuums, exposure to temperatures that could not be found outside of space, radiation that could sterilize planets tremendous amounts of heat, cold, radiation that could incinerate a world was nothing but a light show to us. They saw that no weapon of theirs could affect us. They knew that no strategy or tactic could stop us from overcoming their planets and seizing their empires.

So they built great fleets and blockade our little planet that they call Hell, making sure that we will never leave. What they do not understand is that, though this planet is hell to them, it is our home and our haven. We will never leave it.

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  1. This is a great story in the making!

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