#9 Muckraker

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Muckraker is a character that crosses the traditional superhero vigilante with the modern world of social media.

As far as where i got the name muckraker, It’s an old fashioned early 20th century term for a newspaper reporter that handles various issues of the time involving corruption, child abuse, misconduct, etc.

Muckraker’s real name is Manuel Garcia, a known and respected award winning reporter and now editor in chief of a prestigious multimedia newspaper called “The Informer”.  As Muckraker, he uses his abilities as a reporter and has vast knowledge of investigative  methods. He has become an novice in the world of social media and uses that to fully expose all criminals and adversaries.  Known on the streets as a “Messenger against crime”, Muckraker has an in your face style that’s at times intimidating but at times gets him the best  results.

Height: 5’9 weight 200lbs. Age:32 Race: Hispanic(Dominican/Puerto Rican)


None, but has hand to hand combat skills and physical endurance. Has semi- automatic pistols located inside of his underarms hidden under his cape that has plastic bullets in them because he doesn’t believe in using weapons.


As Muckraker, he has an in your face approach, able to go the distance to solve a case and expose his criminals. Similar to Robert Goren, a character on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Sherlock Holmes.




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  1. That’s a cool concept! Would be interested in seeing this guy in a comic.

  2. cresc says:

    This would be a great comic book!

    I checked out all your entries so far. I like your art style, recalls Jaime Hernandez. Especially like Muckraker, Nubion, Acrobat and Alphex.

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