#9 Negotio, trainee of the Moira

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Again someone with curly short hair. But that’s just because I used some reference material and this was the common hairstyle of greek pupils ^^°

The name of this young boy Negotio and he is one of the many sons of  Zeus. His father wanted him to take over a worthy job and so he asked the Moira, the female gods of the destiny, to take him as a trainee. The three Moira were not happy about this but did their best to educate Negotio.  One day he should learn to spin the destiny of human but e did a little misstake which had an enormous impact on the destiny of a few people. Because of this he became the personification of coincidence,  pictured by a tossed coin.

Negotio is a clumsy boy, who always tries to give his best but often fails. Hardly anyone can be angry with him. The coronal and his green stole reminds the other gods, that he is a son of  Zeus.

The design of Negotio is based on some pictures of an  encyclopedia about the ancient  greek. I’ve found a picture of a school day where the pupils were wearing their stoles like this. His cloth is a bit longer than usual for young boys because he is the son of  a god.

I’m trying to create a new drawing style, but I’m really not happy about his face

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