#9-Ron Priest-20 years later

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Ron Priest was an up and coming DA the first time the Prick appeared. Believing in him he, helped him in cases and used him as a police agent, though not being able to publicly, often being forced to chase him down when it wasn’t just the two of them. He’s been known to play dirty, but always with reason. He would run for Mayor (with the help of some unknown and elicit promises, he eventually was elected), during which time he would build his own police force, behind even the Prick’s back. When Jet Disco attacked in his new Metahuman state, he used the police force to take him out. He tried to get the Prick to join up with it, but Prick was hesitant for some reason. A year later, the Prick would be hunted down in the streets by the Elite force, and disappeared after getting away. Priest continued to use his force to clean up the city, but eventually, he used it to control it. The city may no longer be the dump of previous years, the slums are worse then ever. The Prick appears to have returned in them, but poses not threat to Priest. Currently.

No sketch, probably get around to it tomorrow. Put up my gallery show today and want to take care of something special tonight.


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