#9 – Thadeus

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Thadeus is a real creeper. He has ‘apetites’ that even his fellow Wizards scoff at. He’s been a Lecturer and researcher at The Academy for decades, and though he persists in flirting even with women who have refused him a score of times, the Academy is forced to keep him for his revenue. He has developed many spells to illusion and glamourie various materials and objects, as well as a number of ways to permanently change the appearance of mater. Vibrants hues in cloth, metallic glints on materials that shouldn’t have them like fruits and leather. Even changing the translucency or strength of cloth, wood and metal. One of his more notorious (and disturbing) pranks is his ’emperor’s new clothes’ spell, where he walks around the campus buck-naked beneath an elaborate spell which makes him appear clothed, to see which of his colleagues or students might see through the spell, or if they’re very unlucky, attempt to dispell it.

This would all be harmless enough (if repulsive and annoying) but in more recent years he’s become very adept at mind spells, and has been working on what he duds affectionately ‘love spells’, to the horror of the women at the Academy. He has lost the privaledge of keeping any apprentices after he coerced one after another into his bed.

It is at this point in the time when he is given Leandra as a final apprentice, which the strict ruling that if he should try anything funny, he will be denied any apprentices ever again. They cruelly figured that Leandra was too heavy-set a girl to interest Thadeus, and that he might finally get some real work done with the Academy’s resources. But within a year, Thadeus was either desperate or earnestly fond of her. When he tried to magic his way between Leandra’s legs, however, he had quite a surprise. The moment she gained an amount of control over herself, she was furious, and lashed out at him with a number of spells, some of which he swore she cast so fast he could not even hear what she said. When the faculty finally responded to the sound and rumble from that side of the castle, they found him half frozen to death, and naked, and it took Maria Toella days to coax Leandra out of an intense state of shock.

Maria Toella later commently ironically, “I had threatened the man that if I caught him abusing a young woman like that again, I’d properly castrate him. It seems Leandra beat me to it… froze it clean off. It’s a shame the others made me repair that beast…”


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