No. 9- Patrick Mizrahi

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Name: Patrick Mizrahi

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Iranian-American

Occupation: Convenience Store Clerk, College Student

Short Background:
All Patrick wanted to do was make some money over the summer and go into his last year off college not completely broke. In order to do so, he opted to work at his uncle’s convenience store to put together some extra cash. It wasn’t exactly the safest neighborhood, but his uncle promised to give him a bonus if he could last the summer. Despite the dangers, how bad could it get?

Then he met Oscar Ortiz. From the moment they met, Patrick took an instant dislike to him and his attitude. But when assassin’s and hit men came gunning for Oscar, Patrick really hated him. The neighborhood was dangerous enough, but now it seems like he is in over his head.

Patrick dresses somewhat more formally than Oscar. He does wear t-shirts and jeans but very rarely. He does not wear wifebeaters, sleeveless shirts, or basketball shorts. He is very formal and almost the exact opposite of Oscar in every way.

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Category: Humor

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I have been out of college for two years but have been lucky enough to achieve so much in that time. I am currently hard at work on my first comic project as well as teaching English in Japan. I am a writer and, if I may be completely honest, can draw little more than stick figures. Still, I will put forth my best effort to stick to the 30 in 30 days timeline. I wish everyone else the best of luck.

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