06 – Dr. Amanda Gonzales

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Widely regarded as the world’s greatest living scientist – Dr. Amanda Gonzales is one of the most gifted minds in the whole of history.  Completing her first PHD at the age of 15, she went on to achieve three more before deciding to focus on her research.  Her most famous tool, is of course, her omni-purpose suit.  In itself, it is an ingredibly ingenious piece of equiptment, but it is also infused with Dr. Gonzales advanced nanite technology – and which can be customised o nthe fly at the atomic level.

Although very iconic, the suit is merely a means to an end – it allows her to traverse any environment imaginable – high in the air, deep space, ocean ravines, the centre of the earth, alternate dimensions, planets with poisonous atmosphere, and shrink down to travel around a body at a cellular level and many more.  It is also allows her to do the odd bit of superheroics from time to time, and she is known to lend aid readily to most who ask it of her.  Most of the time however, she spends in the lad, planning where she will explore next!

For this character, I really wanted to create a pulpy-science superhero in the veign of Reed Richards or Hank Pym – someone who does crazy science and superheroics.  Most of those characters are middle aged white males, so I thought it would be a little more diverse to have a non-white woman.  The suit is perhaps a little Iron-man like, but it’s more designed for exploration than combat, although the properties it has for some of the more extreme functions of that are certainly helpful.

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