#10 Kaoryu

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This week a friend has drawn a picture of a yokai celebration which really impressed me and I wanted to try to draw some yokais ( japanese name for a certain group of monsters, it can be demons, ghosts, living objects and animals who are able to use magic. They can be good, neutral and evil ), too. At home I noticed a lantern with dragons drawn on it. It was my inspiration for today.

This yukai is a tsukumogami, an object that is 100 years old and has awaken to life because of this. It is the dragon Kaoryu, which means “Scent of Dragon”. He used to be a simple lantern, passed trough a family for some generations, often used as sleeping light when the children where afraid of the darkness or the lantern was used for relaxing, being filled with scented oil like lavender and bergamott. When the lantern became 100 years old, the painted dragon on it awoke to life. Since this time he appears as soon as the lantern is used and everybody around has fallen asleep. He watches the sleep of the people and protect them against nightmares. At the next morning you can scent lavendel and bergamott, even so, you did not use such oils…

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