#10 – Mercy

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Nora Campbell, codename Mercy. As a teenager, Mercy went by Magpie; possessing powers of flight and shield abilities, she fought crime as part of a superpowered team. An enterprising villain permanently stripped her powers, and though he was defeated, Nora had to face the world as a normal person. But she had earned her place on her team and loved them like a family, and it was beyond her to sit on the sidelines while they risked everything, so Nora did what any girl would do: she went to med school.

Now she works as a medical intern by day and her team’s personal doctor by night. She trains in martial arts for self-defense, but took a vow to do no harm and as such spends her time sewing her friends back together, curing whatever weird illness or state of weakness their enemies might come up with and administering life-saving medical aid to bystanders at the scene. She risks her life every time she goes out, but Mercy can’t sit idly by. She’s a hero. Not a civilian.

(Still fiddling with her design. Her costume needs work.)

Category: 2011, Scifi, Superhero

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