#10: Omega

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Name: Unknown

Aliases: Omega, That son of a bitch

Hair: Brown

Eyes: White

Height: 6’2

Weight: 178 lb

Bio: Omega is a cross-dimensional immigrant. Next to nothing is known about his universe, save that they have a control of energy far beyond anything we as a society are capable of. Omega refuses to say anything about the dimension he came from.

He came to this dimension in early 2003, and in four years time, he was democratically elected by the United Federation of Super-powered Individuals as Chairman and Commander of all operations.

Powers:  Complete energy manipulation. Omega can generate a functionally limitless amount of energy from his body, both of a highly volatile and explosive “black matter” and a clean-burning ball of light called “white matter”.

It is believed Omega’s body is, in fact, composed of pure energy, for ordinary projectiles go through him and even metaphysical abilities, such as those demonstrated by Carson White AKA Mister Heart Attack, have no effect.

The only figure known to be able to do any sort of damage to Omega is Entropy, who, as an embodiment of decay, can turn the energy into vapor before it reaches him.

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